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Be Comfortable at the Dentist

Be Comfortable at the Dentist

Monday, February 12, 2018
Be Comfortable at the Dentist

At Abilene Dental, we take our patients seriously. Our first priority is to keep you feeling and experiencing comfort through your oral health experience. We want to make sure that you enjoy coming to see your friends at the dentist, instead of dreading it like many people do around the world. Each person that sits in our chair is important to us and we want to make sure that you feel welcome! We are going to share with you a couple of the ways that we can make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible!

            Laser Therapy might sound a little intimidating, but laser therapy can actually make your oral journey much more comfortable. Laser therapy is used to treat and relieve pain associated with things like tooth sensitivity, benign tumors, cold sores and pain and inflammation due to TMJ problems. We have different wavelengths for different treatments, and the lasers speed up the recovery time! Dental lasers can be used for several therapeutic applications, and they are a safe, precise and fast way to treat your mouth! Our team would love to help you have a more comfortable experience through the use of laser therapy.

            Growing up, no one wanted to be using a mouth guard because they were so big, bulky and uncomfortable! Many of us ended up with knocked out teeth from an incident during a sporting activity while not wearing a mouthguard. We have the solution! Come visit us at Abilene Dental for your custom mouth guard for sports and night guard for sleeping. We can create a guard for your mouth that will relieve pain and allow you to play your favorite sport without the risk of knocking out your tooth. Our guards allow you to breathe naturally and can prevent you from further damaging your teeth. Whether you grind your teeth in your sleep, or you are grinding your teeth on the football field, come see us at Abilene Dental for your custom fit guard!

            Your cleanings! Our team wants to make sure that you enjoy your bi-annual cleanings and come back to see us every 6 months. Cleanings are so important for your daily health and to prevent pain and need for other procedures in the future. We provide gentle and professional cleanings each and every time and make sure that you and your family are well taken care of while you are with us. Cleanings are the most important part of your oral health story because they allow us to stay on top of anything that might be happening in your mouth BEFORE the pain begins. Honestly, the best way to avoid any pain is to stay on top of your daily cleanings at home and to come see us twice a year! We want to help you prevent any type of pain!

            If you are wanting to have the most comfortable experience possible, come see us at Abilene Dental! We would love to welcome you to our family and provide you with phenomenal service so that you are your family can enjoy coming to the dentist!