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The Extras at Abilene Dental

The Extras at Abilene Dental

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
The Extras at Abilene Dental

We want you to feel at home, loved and cared for in every way possible when you walk into our office at Abilene Dental! We take extra measures in the details to make sure your visit is just as close to perfect as possible. When it comes to decor, privacy, entertainment, staff and enjoyment…Abilene Dental is the place that you will want to be for your dental healthcare!

            Within our staff, we often sit together and think about ways to make your visit even more special. One of the ways we have loved to do that is through the decor of our office! We chose purple and green wall colors for our patients to be comforted and soothed during their visit. We made a point not to present a white and blinding office, just as every other doctors office, but to make our office feel more like home instead of looking like a scary dental office. We really want you to have fond memories of being in our office and with our staff and want to make sure you leave feeling comforted and calm after spending time with us.

            Another aspect that is equally as important, patient rooms. We feel very strongly that every patient should have privacy and comfort during their visit at Abilene Dental. Having someone working inside your mouth can be uncomfortable and put you in a vulnerable position, and we want you to be able to have privacy and trust us in that vulnerability. We have made every effort to make sure that you have other entertainment while we quickly clean or work on your dental health. Most of our patient rooms have a television on the ceiling for you to watch! It really doesn’t get better than catching up on your favorite show while you also have your teeth worked on! The rooms that don’t have a TV have beautiful landscapes painted on the ceiling, including a waterfall in one of the rooms! Our patient rooms are of utmost importance to us and we can’t wait to meet you in one of our chairs!

            While all of these details and efforts to make you feel comfortable are important, none of them would matter without the most knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our staff is the key to what makes our office feel like home to our patients. We only hire people who have experience with families and patients of all ages, and who come to work with a positive attitude! Each person on our team works extremely hard to improve your dental health and make your visit feel as close to home as possible.

            We would love to meet you and hope that you will come check out our offices and meet our staff! Abilene Dental is your next stop for your dental health and we promise to always strive to perfect every aspect of your experience in our office!