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Everything an Adult Needs

Everything an Adult Needs

Monday, November 20, 2017
Everything an Adult Needs

Adult Dental Care. The part of your dental story that is the longest, the most crucial and that no-one really wants to talk about. Here at Abilene Dental, WE DO! We want to bring you into our community, and hope to provide many services outside of just your oral health. We want to care for you through all walks of life, but especially your adulthood. Many of your crucial procedures and changes in your dental story will occur during this time period and we want to be the ones to care for you!

We have been a part of the Abilene Community for 25 years now and we would love to be the ones that get you involved in new parts of the community. Are you new to town? Just coming back? We want to welcome you, serve you and care for you during your transition! We know all the places to eat, shops to stop by, and friends and people to connect you with. We want to be more than just your dentist, we want to bring you into our family and introduce you to the Abilene community that we love!

The dental and oral health industry is constantly progressing and changing. At Abilene Dental, we will provide you with the most up to date and current care that is available. Dr. Christie and her staff are constantly learning and implementing improving technology and technique to serve and comfort you better during your time in our office. We know that you have a choice when you select your dental care professional, and we hope and prepare to be the choice that you make.

At Abilene Dental, we excel in all categories of our dentistry, but especially with comfort, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. These types of oral care might be things that you get into during your adulthood and there is not a practice in Abilene that is more prepared to care for you during those times. Whether you are a young adult and need a wisdom tooth extraction, you are wanting some whitening techniques, or you are later on in your story and you need dentures or implants…we want to be the ones that you call!

So whether you have been a long time patient of ours, or you are brand new to town and looking for a place to go with your dental needs, we want to care for you. We will provide you with a community, improve your dental health, and care for you from the moment you walk through our door until the last time that you sit in our chair. Please give us a call or look us up at to find the answers to all of your dental, and non-dental needs!