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Great with Kids!

Great with Kids!

Monday, November 6, 2017
Great With Kids!

We would love to be the dentist that you choose for your kids! At Abilene Dental, we recognize that putting your child into the hands of anyone else is one of the hardest things in being a parent. You don't have to worry a bit about bringing them to an appointment with our staff. Pediatric dentistry is one of our favorite parts of our industry and it is a great honor when you allow us to care for your child.

Dr. Christie has raised two boys of her own in the Abilene Community, and has has the great privilege of caring for countless other children's oral and dental health. She knows the importance of pediatric care because those first few years can effect the rest of your dental health history. When you allow us to care for your kids, we make it a family affair and invite you as the parent into the examination and make sure there is the least amount of stress as possible! We want you to leave the office with a child who can't wait to come back!

The first few years are so important to the way your dental health story will develop. We want to be a part of every tooth that is lost and every tooth that grows in! Here at Abilene Dental, we will celebrate and cry with you, and most importantly care for your little ones while they are in our chairs. We want your experience, as a whole, to be as welcoming as possible and for you and your kids to feel at home.

Our staff has been carefully selected with your kids in mind. Knowing that many families entrust us with their dental health, we only hire individuals who have had experience with or have little kids of their own. We believe that you can't serve a family well unless you have experienced one yourself! From the minute you walk into the door with the front desk, to our hygienist, and through our dentists, we all love and cherish our time that we have with your little ones.

We strive ourselves on being as well-prepared as possible to comfort and care for our patients of any age, but we especially love having a two-foot tall little one in our chair for their first appointment! There is no reason to separate adult and pediatric oral care, each and every patient can receive special care with us! It is important to have a dentist who can walk with you through life, and we would be honored if you selected Abilene Dental to be your dental caregiver for you and your family!