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Halloween is a real treat!

Halloween is a real treat!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We know what you are expecting coming from a dentist and talking about Halloween…

“Only one piece of candy per kid! Don’t hand out candy - hand out toothbrushes! Your kids are going to get cavities! Make sure you brush and floss their teeth after trick-or-treating, or better yet…don’t go trick or treating! You can celebrate Halloween in plenty of other ways than eating candy! Why don’t you give the kids fruit and vegetables instead?”

This is NOT that blog! Enjoy your Halloween!

Pass out candy to the neighbors & let your kids have fun for the night!

WHAT?! How could this be coming from a dentist office?!

The fact of the matter is that one day/weekend is not going to make a huge difference in your overall oral health. The biggest of your worries on October 31st should be having enough candy for the neighbors and making sure your kids are all set in their costumes for their own fun trick-or-treating. Just try and make sure every tooth is brushed before their heads hit their pillows!

Instead of making rules about Halloween, what if we focused on every other day of the year? Are we being good examples for our kids in what we are eating and drinking? Drinking a coke every day is far more harmful to your oral health than it is to eat Halloween candy on the 31st. What about those fantastic chocolate chip cookies that Grandma always has for you? Or the skittles and m&ms that are so easy to pop in your mouth when you need a little sugar? These daily choices are exponentially more important than one day a year. These are the choices we need to focus on to keep our teeth sparkling and healthy!

At Abilene Dental, we believe that we have to teach kids about a lifestyle of oral health. Forcing them not to eat candy on Halloween is just going to infuriate them, but in the long run the Halloween candy is not going to make the difference. We are excited to teach your kids how to brush their teeth correctly, and hopefully to floss as well. Building good oral health throughout the entire family comes with a healthy diet over years, not just on holidays.

So from your family dentists at Abilene Dental, Happy Halloween! Enjoy your holiday and savor every minute with your family. Just make sure you call us after and schedule a cleaning! We would love to see your smiling faces and help to bring back that squeaky clean feeling. We will be here to help in whatever capacity we can and are looking forward to it.

Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me something sweet to take! & then come see us at Abilene Dental! Happy Halloween!