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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Although doesn’t feel like it, technically, fall has here and that means changing of the seasons. Hopefully cool weather, maybe even a little rain are coming our way. That also means it’s time for allergies, the flu, the cold, and other sicknesses to start effecting our friends, family, and people we work with. You may not realize it, but these illnesses can also have a direct impact on you overall oral health.

The two main things that can impact how your gums, mouth, and teeth feel are the illnesses themselves and, aggravatingly enough, the medicine you take to reduce the symptoms of the illnesses. The main thing you want to do during this time of year is to make sure your mouth is not getting to dry and you’re being extra sure to brush twice today and make sure you’re flossing.

Three things to keep in mind during allergy season

You may experience tooth pain

Your sinuses are actually located directly above the jawline. New experience of sinus pain is actually the concentration of pressure on your sinuses. And just as that pressure can lead to a headache you can also lead to tooth ache. That pressure is sitting right on top of the roots of upper mouth you can actually put pressure on those teeth. This can create a feeling that you have a toothache without actually having something wrong with your teeth. However, if you’re able to alleviate the sinus pressure and tooth pain remains, be sure to give us a call.

Your mouth can start to feel very dry

When your sinuses and allergies start to act up, it can lead to your nose to feel blocked and stuffy. When that happens you may begin to breath through your mouth a much higher rate than you normally do. This constant breathing in and out of your mouth will eventually dry out most of the saliva (which plays an important role in keeping your mouth clean and healthy) in your mouth. Unfortunately, the medicine you take to relieve sinus or allergy symptoms often has the side effect of dry mouth. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of water during this time of year no matter how you’re feeling. Keeping the moister in your mouth can help keep bacteria and other harmful pathogens from spreading.

Brushing and flossing are still incredibly important

With all of the things that can affect your oral health during allergy season, we have to make sure we’re taking extra care of our teeth and gums. With everything that’s in the air, constant changing of temperatures, dry mouth, and more staying vigilant what providing your mouth with the proper cleaning and hydration needs can help prevent larger problems down the road. Obviously brushing your teeth and flossing is important to matter what time of year it is, but with everything that happens this time of year it’s good to take just a little bit extra care.