Laser Cavity Detection

Laser Cavity DetectionEarly detection is the key to preventing severe dental complications so we utilize the most advanced technology available to assist us in detecting cavities at their earliest stages. Conventional methods for detecting cavities are helpful, but often times only 50 to 75 percent successful. This method of detection is often limited based on the location and depth of the cavity. To increase our patients' possibility of keeping a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime, we utilize laser cavity detection technology that recognizes decay and cavities at the earliest stages.

Using laser diode technology, laser cavity detectors are able to compare the reflection wavelength of a tooth against a healthy baseline wavelength to reveal decay. Laser cavity detection has been proven to be over 90% successful in detecting even the smallest lesions that aren't even noticed on X-rays!

This procedure is simple, quick and pain-free. Most of all, it helps preserve the overall health of your smile!