Our Purpose

To provide high quality dentistry in the most caring, professional atmosphere possible. To provide a life-changing experience to the patient, in the way they look and feel about themselves, and how they view dentistry and health care.

Dental Philosophy

To provide high quality, comprehensive dentistry on interested, committed patients that refer the same type of patients to us with utmost confidence.

Dental Team

High quality, caring staff that can work as a team, but strive individually to be the best they can be. Personal initiative will be acknowledged and rewarded. (Going the extra mile, Motivating yourself and others. Working for the good of the team.)

Promotion Philosophy

We want to be a shining, bright star in dentistry that is recognized by patients, staff and the public as "The place to be."

Continuing Education

To always be aware of the need to keep learning new or better ways of practice management and stay up-to-date on all of the new technology available in dentistry. To keep staff as involved in the learning process as the doctor.